Strategic Planning and Scorecards


Strategy is more than creating a vision.
It is ensuring follow-through and getting feedback on what's working and what's not.
We approach strategic planning with execution in mind.


Good strategy depends on deeply knowing three things:

  • Your organizational mission
  • What your stakeholders define as value from your organization
  • How your core assets can be configured into a sustainable business model to create positive outcomes.

From that vision of organizational success, a strategic plan identifies the focused goals needed to follow through.

We are pleased and privileged to be trusted strategic advisors to our clients. We help them think about the future and approach it in fresh new ways.

Strategic thinking has never been more important. Over the next few years, organizations will emerge stronger if they look ahead in a clear-eyed manner, strengthen critical competencies and relationships, adapt and rewire -- while honoring their most essential values.

One of our strengths is that we work across sectors -- so we bring a lot to the table. We deliver sound strategy and to budget, the schedule and requirements! We also help you to translate strategy into communications tools and a scorecard. This is positive proactive accountability.

The result? Everyone knows where the organization is headed, what the game plan is, and their part in it.  We seek to understand your organization’s unique purpose and facilitate strategic planning through the following kinds of steps:

  • Stakeholder Outreach: What are their expectations and views? We strive to help you think hard about stakeholders’ future and long-term needs – so their input is an important factor
  • Internal Staff and Volunteer Sessions: One of our strongest competencies is engaging internal teams with the future and gaining their input. We facilitate large and small staff and volunteer sessions that maximize engagement, input and ultimately their support for the emerging Strategic Plan
  • Preliminary Summary: We set out the issues that are challenging the organization, driving change
  • Planning Sessions: We ensure organizational leaders are well-informed before they arrive – information regarding what we have discovered and the key strategic issues. We lead interactive sessions to examine scope, mission, vision, and strategy generating fresh thinking as required and a new strategic plan
  • Scenario-Planning (optional): Sometimes there are forks in the road ahead or certain developments may shape the organization if they transpire. We take these alternative futures into account through scenario planning
  • Visual Summary: text based or as a strategy map
  • Strategic Plan Implementation
  • Communications regarding the emerging strategic plan


Click here to see some of the Strategic Plans we have facilitated in different sectors.



What Is An Organizational Scorecard?

We take your strategic plan and help you map it into a picture of how your organization works, what key drivers are important, and how they contribute to high-level outcomes for your stakeholders. This is called a Strategy Map.

From your strategy map, we work with you to create an Organizational or Corporate Scorecard based on the classic Balanced Scorecard method. This Scorecard allows the management team and board to know if the organization is on track, and whether short- and long-term initiatives (such as investments, special projects, etc.) merit enhancement, refinement or a rethink. We help your senior staff team to identify indicators for key objectives, or elements, of the strategy.
Because what gets measured gets done, a scorecard is a powerful tool to motivate performance. As you might imagine, the right measures need to be chosen. We are careful at this stage to pick the reasonable, best ones.

And there's more as you implement strategy; target setting, aligning roles and improving key organizational processes are all next steps. All of this is easier when you know the intended results, the key drivers, and the performance indicators.


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