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Not Everyone is a Fit
for the Chair

by Lyn McDonell

What is the most important role on the board in which to have the right person?  The Chair.  Yet many organizations don’t have a deliberate process for choosing the Chair.  I have often observed a board meeting and thought “This Chair could be much more effective” or “This board needs...

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How Detailed Should
a Strategic Plan Be?

by Lyn McDonell

A strategic plan typically provides guidance to organizational leadership for three to four years.  It is intended to establish direction and reflect choices – i.e. setting out that “we are going to concentrate on this and not on that.”  The plan’s goals align everyone's efforts towards...

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What Is Professionalism?

by Lyn McDonell

I have always been interested in the concept of professionalism – a word often used but rarely defined. What is professionalism anyway? I believe that professionalism is intimately related to...

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What Are the Top 5 Characteristics of a Well-Functioning Board?

by Lyn McDonell

Some boards are better at their governance job than others.  How and in what ways?  I work with boards from across sectors – associations, health service provider organizations, universities, professional regulatory colleges, trade organizations -- and while all are different, the most successful boards...

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